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Aims International – Trading Company

jaber Hameem

President & CEO

Welcome to the Aims International Company Limited.
From humble beginnings around 20 years ago, The Aims International Company Limited was built on the principles of hard work, integrity and a strong desire to succeed – values which remain with us today.Throughout this era, our transportation industry endured many changes that saw the industry evolve towards greener operation methods and tighter legislations; all changes that drove businesses to adapt. We at AIMS INTERNATIONAL, found ways to embrace these changes while providing our customers with a first class service. Our values together with our vision helped us to confidently navigate through many changes that made us what we are today.

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Our services

We offer the very best of service in the above mentioned fields. We provide you with a ‘one-stop’ shop for all your requirements. You can depend on us to handle all your company’s logistic requirements – and the other services we also provide – so that you can concentrate on your core business. This makes good business sense not only in the current environment but also because of the ever changing nature of national and international regulations in this sector.

  • Our Clients

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